Boating Spots on Cayuga Lake

Located in Central New York, the Finger Lakes are full of numerous locations that are perfect for the boating enthusiast. However, one lake in the region, Cayuga, is particularly noteworthy for the large number of boating clubs and spots located along its shores.

Cayuga Lake State Park is the ideal place for boaters, due to the fact that it offers a number of opportunities, including two standard bays with cement ramps, as well as both a paved and a wooden pier, both available for short-term docking. Cayuga Lake State Park also offers a number of other facilities, including a family-oriented park, three pavilions for get-togethers, and a number of camping facilities. They are thus an ideal boating location in the Finger Lakes Region.

Taughannock Falls Stake Park also offers a number of oppurtinities for boating, although it is important to note that their particular boat ramp is not suitable for sailboats. However, the number of other opportunities available in the park, which include spectacular views of the lake and of the nearby waterfall, which is one of the most beautiful in Central New York.

There are also a number of other boat launching available along the shores of Cayuga Lake. These include Dean’s Cove Boat Launch (located on the western shore,) which features two ramps and a large parking area, and Long Point State Park, which offers a hard surface and parking capacity for up to 35 vehicles.

Overall, Cayuga Lake, one of the finest of the Finger Lakes, offers boaters a number of opportunities that are well worth the try. Even more importantly, they also offer a number of other amenities that are perfect supplements to the boating experience.